Tips for Maximizing Your Fundraiser

How to maximize your fundraiser!

Letting others know that you have a fundraiser is key for sales. With regular posts, people will be reminded to support your kids! Make sure that if friends and family from out of town want to support your fundraiser, that they know that we ONLY ship to the organization SELECTED. **Parents/Guardians are responsible for delivering orders to their people.**

Checkout Process 

Posting on your Facebook community page/groups/chats can make your earnings for your organization grow. 

COPY, EDIT the posts to personalize, and PASTE!!!


“(Child’s name) (school) is selling YOUR GREEN KITCHEN products to raise funds for their (class trip). Beautifully designed Organic Tea Towels, Snack Bags, Wet Bags, Tote Bags, and even Sweatshirts!

You can purchase through the website or send me a message if you want a paper order form. We will get your order to you and everything gets shipped to the school. Thank you!!”

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Day 5

Sharing WHY your sports team or class is raising funds helps motivate friends and family to support your cause!


“Did you know that (Child’s name) is raising money for Minor hockey team? This money raised will go towards our volunteer drivers gas, hotel, and fuel their stomachs. We would really appreciate your support! These products not only look fantastic, but are practical for your home, lunches, and gift giving!”


“Did you know that ( Child’s name) is raising money for their class trip? The funds raised will go towards making this trip happen! We would really appreciate your support! These products not only look fantastic, but are practical for your home, lunches, and gift giving!”

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Day 10


“Time is running out to get your hands on these amazing organic products and raise funds for our class. Click on the link and check it out...more products available online! Help us raise funds for our school!! Thank you for your support.”

Day 14...LAST DAY!


“This is the LAST DAY to get your orders in! If you haven’t yet, please consider supporting (child’s name/school/organization). Every order raises funds for our kids. If you haven’t checked the website out, they have AMAZING organic products, something for everyone! THANK YOU!”

Other tips:
Use your OWN pictures! Post a picture of your kids holding the order forms is one idea.

The more you share about WHY you’d like your friends and family to support your child’s fundraiser, the more they WILL!

Remember to ask community members as well. Post on your community’s pages/groups. People easily forget. This is why posting regularly and throughout your child’s fundraiser will help create the most success!

One more reminder. All orders get shipping to your school or organization. So if out of town friends or family would like to support your fundraiser, make sure they know that it will be sent to the school/organization for you to deliver.

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